About me

Hello! I'm Vera Smirnova, your dedicated personal stylist, ready to take your fashion experience to the next level. Right from the lively city of Miami, I bring you a wealth of style knowledge and a unique perspective.


My story began in the small Russian town of Yelabuga, where
my creativity first started to shine. As a child, I would create one-of-a kind outfits from any bits of fabric I could find. Fashion was my outlet, a way to let my creativity run wild and express my own unique personality.

I came to the United States with a strong drive to succeed.
My exploration of fashion led me to dive into the fascinating world of textiles, colors, and styles. My travels across Asia, Europe, and the USA have deeply influenced my style, adding rich layers of culture and elegance to my
fashion sense.

Now, as a Miami-based stylist, I'm eager to share my global
perspective to help you uncover your own personal style. With a keen eye for pairing fabrics and colors, I'm here to guide you on your fashion journey,
crafting a style story that's a fusion of international travel and Miami flair.